Saturday, 11 March 2017

Mount Pleasant Homes For Sale: Get to Know about MLS and What It’s For

Today’s real estate market can be merciless, and a home seller is certainly going to need all the help he can get. So how do you make your home stand out among the pack of other Mount Pleasant homes for sale? Arguably, the most effective way to do so is to hire a real estate agent who can list your property on a multiple listing service (MLS). Get to know how an agent uses this particular real estate tool to find you the best buyers for the best price in the quickest possible time.

What is an MLS?

MLS is a database owned and managed by real estate agents and their regional trade associations. As a real estate tool, an MLS is a primary channel for posting listings among agents and brokerages. A listing agent and broker enters data about a particular home for sale into the MLS, and in so doing, gives other agents and brokers the authority to bring in buyers in exchange for a share of the commission.

Think of the MLS as a sort of property ‘warehouse.’ When a property is made available for sale, it goes into the warehouse inventory. When it gets sold, it gets taken out of the inventory. Since the property can’t actually be stored in this warehouse, the MLS contains only details that relate to the property. Read more from this blog:

Friday, 10 March 2017

East Vancouver Townhouses For Sale: What is Property Transfer Tax?

When you buy one of the townhouses for sale in East Vancouver or any such property in British Columbia, the province levies you a property transfer tax on the transaction. This is integral to the closing costs you’ll need to play to seal the deal, so it’s important for you to understand how these costs are calculated and plan accordingly. By doing so, you prevent coming up short at the closing table.

How is property transfer tax charged?

The province of British Columbia charges property transfer tax at 1 percent for the first $200,000 of the fair market value and 2 percent on the portion that exceeds $200,000 and up to and including $2,000,000. In addition, B.C. charge 3 percent on the portion of the fair market value greater than $2,000,000.

To give you a picture of how B.C. computes for property transfer tax, say you were buying a $300,000 home, then you’ll have to pay $2,000 (1 percent) for the first $200,000 and another $2,000 (2 percent) for the remaining $100,000. Adding it all up, your total property transfer tax would be $4,000.  Read more from this blog:

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pre-Construction Condos For Sale in East Vancouver: Invest or No?

As an East Vancouver resident, chances are you’ve seen ads announcing pre-construction condos for sale. The terms can be extremely enticing—minimal down payment, rock bottom prices, and they’re situated in the heart of the metro. But what does pre-construction mean? Get to know more about it so you’ll know if it’s worth investing in this type of property.

What is a pre-construction condo?

Pre-construction or pre-sale condos are properties sold before the completion of the project, either while it’s still in the planning stages or under construction. Selling condo units before they are completed allows developers to finance their project. In turn, buyers get the chance to purchase the property at a much cheaper price. Despite the attractiveness of such an offer, there are considerations to be made, and it pays to know the pros and cons of the process.

Pro – Low opening prices and flexible payment schemes

Because they have nothing concrete to show aside from the plans, real estate developers often offer pre-construction properties 30 to 50 percent lower than actual existing units. This is designed to attract the most number of interested buyers. For further enticement, developers are even willing to package already low prices with promos, discounts, and flexible payment schemes.  Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Vancouver Community Centre Agents Say Buy vs. Sell Debate is Pointless

You’ve probably heard people say it before: in this day and age, it makes little sense to buy a home, and it would be a far better option to rent one instead. Real estate experts left and right are saying it, claiming that people should just stick to renting and ignore the age-old advice to buy a home.

Though renting a home can definitely turn out to be the best decision for some, it doesn’t mean it’s the best decision for all. Likewise, buying itself isn’t fundamentally good or bad. Strong arguments exist both ways as any savvy Vancouver community centre real estate agent will tell you. For buying, here are the biggest reasons for doing so:

The home will eventually be yours, and payment will end.
The property can appreciate over time.
Tax credits can offset the cost of homeownership.
You can do what you want with your property. Read more from this blog:

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

East Van Real Estate Property Buying: Be Sure to Check the Crawlspace

When homebuyers see an East Van real estate property that they love, they rarely give much thought to what’s behind the walls, much less what’s underneath their feet. When you’re doing an ocular on a home, ask if the property has a crawlspace, and if it does, be sure to have it check it out by a professional home inspector.

What is a crawlspace and what is it for?

Crawlspaces are essentially hollow areas in homes located above the ground and under the first floor. These spaces are usually small enough for someone to enter by crawling, hence the name. Crawlspaces are generally used to allow cooling air to circulate throughout a home, but they can also be used to house certain elements of a home’s different systems, such as electric wiring, plumbing, and HVAC ductwork.

Why do you need to check it?
If you’re buying a home, it’s important to have a home inspector look at the crawlspace before you close the deal. Depending on the conditions under there, you may discover that the home has a excessive humidity or mold problem. Worse, there may be a major issue with the home’s foundation. You need to ensure that every element in the crawlspace is in good working order because you and your family’s wellbeing can depend on it. Read more from this blog:

Monday, 6 March 2017

Tips for East Van Homes Sellers: 4 Ways to Succeed in a Buyer’s Market

Several factors influence the East Van homes market, including inflation, investment, construction, employment mortgage interest rates, immigration, etc. Each of these affect the supply and demand of real estate properties in one way or another, and in so doing, affects prices as well. There are three classifications that real estate experts use to describe the supply and demand situation in a particular housing market.

Seller’s market—when there are more potential homebuyers than there are properties available.
Buyer’s market—when there are more properties available than there are interested buyers.
Balanced market—when supply and demand are just about the same.

Currently, East Vancouver, along with the rest of the Hollywood North is experiencing a buyer’s market. According to CTV News, while a single family detached home in Metro Vancouver cost $1.5 million last month, the same properties today are selling for below $1 million, with one that sold for $560,000 below the initial asking price.  Read more from this blog:

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Knowing the Area and the Different Styles of East Van Houses for Sale

The City of Vancouver has long been acclaimed for its high quality of living, as seen in the availability of homes, a plethora of city amenities, and the social benefits its residents are entitled to. The crime rate in this metropolitan region of around 650,000 inhabitants is relatively very low.
With Vancouver also being rated as one of the safest cities in the world, more and more foreigners and Canadians alike are making the big move to relocate here. And one of the key places of interest is the progressive area of East Vancouver.
Housing Types in East Vancouver
People who come to East Van, whether they are looking for job opportunities or are wanting to settle down with their families, have many options for their future abodes. Depending on the neighbourhoods, house sizes and styles can vary greatly. Historic districts like Chinatown and Yaletown are hugely populated, and they are becoming more urbanized with condos and new developments. Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Enjoying the Sweet Life: Searching through East Van Homes for Sale

The 2016 Mercer Survey has proudly awarded Vancouver as the 5th most livable city in the world, being the only North American candidate to reach the Top 10. Described as a sustainable and progressive community, Vancouver maintains a very low crime rate and a low population growth rate. It is no wonder that many are choosing to look at real estate options as they relocate to this city.
Perfect for Raising a Family
As part of the greater Vancouver area, East Vancouver or East Van is also being recognized as a blossoming region. Businesses are plenty in this area, with more opportunities for employment and education. Several community centres are being maintained by the city government, and these facilities offer something fun and exciting for residents young and old alike. Small children can benefit from numerous day care programs, while school-aged youngsters get to stay active with various sports venues for training or recreation.
Culture and Entertainment
East Van is not only a place to call home, but it is also a venue to explore one’s creativity. Art galleries and museums can be visited along the borough of Mount Pleasant. Many establishments along Main Street’s shopping district feature works from local craftsmen like carpenters, jewelers, designers, and more. Read more from this blog:

Thursday, 2 February 2017

East Vancouver Condo Options: Lifestyles in Historic Neighbourhoods

East Vancouver can be described as a unique combination of the old and the new. The city’s remarkable journey through time, draws in people from all ages and cultures. To date, many have made the bold move to relocate and call these historic neighbourhoods their home.
A Taste of Asia in Chinatown
Described as the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, this district has become home to hundreds of thousands of residents who have relocated here since the 1980’s. Recently, it was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2011.
Numerous establishments have sprouted, from restaurants, vintage stores, bars, galleries, and more. Additional developments are expected in the next years, thanks to the pouring in of more investments from Asian businesses. Read more from this blog:

Friday, 27 January 2017

Enriching Families: The Perks of Going to a Vancouver Community Centre

For people who want to make a huge lifestyle change and move to someplace new, Vancouver is likely to be at the top of their lists. Ranked worldwide in the Mercer Survey as the Top 5 Best City to Live in, this bustling and progressive metropolis is home to more than 600,000 denizens.
In the City of Glass, there are around 24 community centres that are being managed by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. This elected body is committed not only to preserving the green spaces like parks and trails in the city, but also to connect members of the community by giving opportunities for growth and development.
Benefits for the Little Ones
The youngest members of the Vancouver population can find something exciting to look forward to whenever they visit their local community centres. Daycare programs are facilitated by certified personnel, and they provide tons of activities with songs and games to stimulate the minds of curious tots. Read more from this blog:

Monday, 23 January 2017

The Hip and Vibrant City Scene: Mount Pleasant Real Estate Properties

Located at the heart of the rapidly-progressing region of East Vancouver is the eclectic and creative hub known as Mount Pleasant.
Today, with nearly 30,000 residents, the neighbourhood is culturally diverse, home to many local small business’, and updated apartment developments, along with beautiful character homes, making it an exciting place to call home.
Ideal for Budding Local Businesses
Along Main Street, a major artery in the neighbourhood, one will find numerous establishments in what is called the Shopping District. Here, there truly is something for everyone. From healthy gluten-free food choices at a nearby cafe to top-quality hair treatments from a trusted salon, Mount Pleasant shops offer goods and services that both locals and visitors can’t resist. In fact, as a means of boosting commerce in the area, local authorities often hold business expos and seminars to encourage inhabitants to start up their own businesses. Read more from this blog:

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Searching through East Vancouver Houses: Help from Real Estate Agents

In greater Metro Vancouver, the general land area encompasses 2,865 square kilometers. A huge portion of this region, about 2,000 square kilometers, is open space and greenery for agriculture and nature preservation. The rest is dedicated for urban developments. In the recent years, Vancouver has been given accolades as being one of the world’s best cities to live in, and among the top cities for doing business.
The natural beauty of the area and culturally rich neighbourhoods, have brought a large increase of new residents and business owners from all over the world. When it comes melting pots for culture, arts, history, commerce, and social growth, East Vancouver is the place to be.
Getting to Know the Neighbourhoods
There are several semi-distinct regions in East Van, each with its own unique charm, and each specially catering to the unique lifestyle tastes of its residents. For example, Chinatown on the north end is a National Historic Site, showcasing Vancouver’s ethnic Chinese history and many of the city’s top restaurants. Mount Pleasant, to the south of False Creek, features the hip and creative side of East Van; mixing in cafes, bars, restaurants, art galleries and retail shops showcase one-of-a-kind creations from locals. Read more from this blog:

Saturday, 7 January 2017

East Vancouver Houses For Sale: Townhouse Purchasing Pros and Cons

If you want to buy a house but don’t want the hassle of maintaining a big yard, you may have considered buying a townhouse. A townhouse often offers a good ‘middle ground’ between a detached home and a full-fledged condo unit because to a degree, they have the best attributes of both. Townhouses represent a growing market in East Vancouver real estate, so if you’re seriously considering to purchase one, it pays to know more about this particular property type before you render your final decision.

Pro: Townhouses are often built in convenient locations

Detached homes can be expensive in East Vancouver, and while condos are generally cheaper, owners are often constrained by the space. Many townhouses are built near urban centres, thus offering just the right balance of accessibility, affordability, and privacy. Read more on this article:

East Vancouver Homes For Sale: Protect Your Investment from Radon

Radon can’t be seen, smelled, or tasted, yet it can appear from anywhere, and it can make you sick. A Health Canada survey that studied radon concentrations across Canada discovered that 6.9 percent of Canadian homes have radon levels that exceed current radon guidelines. Thus, if you intend to buy or sell homes for sale in East Vancouver, you should having a radon test performed to determine if the home has high radon levels before you close the transaction.

What is radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the ground. The gas has radioactive properties, and has the potential to cause cancer. Exposure to high radon levels can lead to lung cancer, according to many health experts. Read more on this article:

Thursday, 5 January 2017

East Vancouver Condos For Sale vs. Homes For Sale: 4 Key Differences

Condos and single-family homes have their similarities, but their differences are many, and you have to account for the latter more when selling each type of property. If you have experience selling a single-family home but haven’t yet gone through the process of selling a condo, here are key things to know about the latter process.

You’ll have less wiggle room with your asking price

In most markets—East Vancouver included—condos are comparatively cheaper than detached houses. This also means that the increase in value is lower in condos than in single-family homes. The lower average price can come as an advantage, as it can appeal to those who intend to downsize, purchase an additional home, or invest in the East Vancouver real estate market. Read more on this article:

Vancouver Community Centres: How to Assess a Property’s Desirability

Do you have fantasies of owning your own home? Do you dream of a day when you are free of mortgage and live in a home that’s all yours? If you’ve got the ambition to follow through and finances to back it up, there are plenty of Vancouver condos, homes and buildings you can buy, but pinpointing the right one can be a challenge. Here are four questions that you must answer to find out if a Vancouver real estate property is the ideal one for you.

How well does it satisfy your needs?

Desirability can be measured by identifying how well a location serves your basic needs. If you have a parent who needs professional care or children who go to school, the desirability of a property depends on how well the amenities and facilities in and around the neighbourhood or community can address these needs. This is why properties around Vancouver community centres are highly desirable for families. Read more on this article:

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

East Vancouver Real Estate: 5 Tips to Selling Your Home in Winter

Winter is often a slow time for real estate transactions in Vancouver. Buyers focus their money on holiday expenditures, and sales often languish. If you’re interested in putting your East Vancouver real estate property up for sale this winter, know that it can be a bit challenging to sell it quickly, but it can be done.

The main reason winter is not an ideal time to put a home on the market is because the property won’t show as well. However, you can brighten your home and make it look pleasant for buyers by taking the following steps. Read more on this article:

Monday, 2 January 2017

Mount Pleasant Homes Agent Shows Best Tips for Saving on Down Payment

Traditionally, a home buyer will have to put down a 20 percent down payment on a Mount Pleasant home he intends to buy. However, some lenders have made it possible to purchase a home with as little down payment as possible. Some don’t even require a down payment at all. However, to receive the lowest possible interest rates and to get out of debt faster, it’s still wiser to make a down payment, and make it the biggest amount you can come up with.

So how do you get started on saving on tens of thousands of dollars for the home of your dreams? Your Mount Pleasant homes agent offers you strategies to help you achieve your particular financial goal. Read more on this article: