Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Have a Pleasant Mount Pleasant Real Estate Sale with a Qualified Agent

During a real estate transaction for Mount Pleasant homes for sale, having a realtor to represent you when buying or selling property is a huge plus. Every agent that undertakes the selling or buying of real estate is considered to be fiduciary. To the law, fiduciary duties are known to be among the highest. In addition to any obligations set in a listing agreement, a realtor will be held under the law to owe specific duties to a client. Accounting As a fiduciary, a realtor is obligated to account for every property or money entrusted to him or her. This duty compels the realtor to safeguard deeds, money, and any other documents related to the client’s transactions. The realtor is expected to give an accurate reporting of all monies, and their ultimate disposition is a complete fiduciary responsibility.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Learning the Value of East Van Homes is Being a Well-Informed Buyer

Deciding to buy a home is something that requires great caution. There are numerous properties for sale, and it helps to know what differentiates one from the other. The value of a residential property is one of the contributing factors when selecting homes for sale. If you intend to get a home in Vancouver, you would have to know how to measure the worth, so you know what you are paying for. The Location Factor When looking at East Van houses for sale, consider the location first. Where in Vancouver is a property located? The location is the deal breaker in most real estate purchase decisions. Some areas are considered more prime than others. The attractiveness of a location will itself depend on other factors. For instance, a home that is in a good school district is appealing to a buyer that has school-going children. You may consider such a location a good one if someday you have to sell your home.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Need Convincing to Move? Check out East Vancouver Houses for Sale

Vancouver is one of Canada's most popular cities, and not without good reason. Geographically, it sits on the west coast, home to beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, and is only a short drive from the border with the US, Canada's southern neighbour. However, property prices do sit more highly than in many other Canadian cities, but the temptation to rent rather than buy should not be immediately given in to. Cost-wise, if you have enough for a down payment on a house, and plan to stay in Vancouver long term, it's worth looking at East Vancouver houses as well as all other areas, considering how much more practical it will be in the long-term. Vancouver is renowned for being a pricey place to live, but houses in the surrounding areas are still affordable, and any savings are undoubtedly welcome.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Why You Should Purchase a Vancouver Home Near a Community Centre

In recent years, Vancouver has become a popular choice for people wanting to live what they believe is a good quality of life. When choosing a property to purchase, your decision is influenced by many aspects. Location is one of the elements that will affect the choice you make, as it determines your property’s accessibility to various places. When looking to buy a home, you should ensure that it is near a community centre, as residential properties close to these centres have a unique appeal as well as value. Vancouver has some impressive community centres that would make a property investment worth every cent. Recreational Facilities Vancouver community centres usually have different facilities that cater to various needs. These centres typically have a variety of equipment for people wanting to engage in different activities. These centres provide facilities for sports, entertainment, dining, and even hobbies such as farming.

Friday, 20 May 2016

East Vancouver Condos for Sale: A Real Estate Dream Come True for Many

There are many reasons to buy or sell a condominium in the present housing market. East Vancouver is a perfect example of a community which has seen a truly amazing increase within this sector during the past few years. According to a Huffington Post article, February 2016 experienced a record-breaking $7.5 billion dollars in sales. Not only does this illustrate the fact that the demand for this market is growing, but it also emphasises the desire of families and individuals to own such lucrative properties. A Welcome Opportunity In January, the average price of a detached home increased by no less than 40 per cent when compared to the same figures from the previous year. This increase in prices affects not just detached home sales but condominium sales as well, with demand for the latter showing an increase. There are several factors behind this trend. Employment opportunities are seen to be quite attractive throughout the East Vancouver region.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Improve An East Vancouver Real Estate Property With Trees

You may find a lack of trees on a new property rather disappointing and unexciting. If you noticed, treeless homes do tend to cost less, and take longer to sell because of the lack in curb appeal. These very components, however, are what just might give you the opportunity to make the most out of such an East Vancouver real estate property. You can take advantage of the low selling price of treeless homes, and then invest in improving its curb appeal, thereby raising the property’s value, by adding trees on the front lawn. This benefit is far from being merely imaginary, too, as a 2010 study published in Landscape and Urban Planning has found that properties with planted trees can easily enjoy up to as much as nineteen percent in value increase. Which Trees to Pick? Some trees have large root systems and others do not. Small gardens do better with native trees with long tap-roots and non-spreading root systems.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Primer on East Vancouver for Potential Real Estate Buyers,Investors

East Vancouver, or East Van as it's colloquially known, has seen a growth in independent commercial ventures in the last few decades that makes that part of the city one of the most exciting and interesting places to begin hunting for real estate. From micro-breweries serving up their unique styles of ale and independent clothing stores servicing the stylish populace to any of the bustling night spots found on Commercial Drive and further afield, East Van is full of surprises and reasons to relocate. East Van Environs East Van runs east of Cambie Street through to about Boundary Road, and from the edge of Railtown all the way out to 41st Avenue. It's a huge area and it can be difficult to sum up in simple terms. Instead, it's worth looking at some of the key spots and what they offer the prospective home owner in terms of travel links and amenities.